Why is it worth doing a marketing strategy

Of course, the marketing strategy guidelines and the implementation of the guidelines have a huge impact on your brand: who we target and with which messages, how we stand out from the competition and in which channels we appear.

However, this does not yet correspond to how you look on your website, in your materials, on social media or in any other channels. The marketing strategy also does not clarify your company’s purpose, i.e. the purpose of existence or how your value proposition and distinguishing factors are visually emphasize. These are all essential things in branding, which is why auditing the current situation of your brand is the starting point for creating a marketing strategy.

7 elements of marketing strategy

  1. Competitor analysis
  2. Defining target groups and creating buyer personas
  3. Mapping technological Peru Phone Number List possibilities
  4. Setting marketing goals
  5. Crystallizing the value proposition and defining competitive advantages
  6. Creating a content plan and channel strategy
  7. Making a measurement plan and setting the KPI dashboard

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I repeat that your brand is connected to almost every point of these, which is why brand discussion is at least on some level necessary when you create a marketing strategy in your company.

What does it enable for your company?

Here at SDM, we ourselves have noticed how a significant change in marketing and company personnel takes place when a marketing strategy is created. Here are some of the most important reasons to create a marketing strategy in addition to improving results.

1. Strategy creates enthusiasm

A well-executed strategy creates excitement in the company and in people’s minds. Above all, it creates clarity in people’s minds, where previous adhoc-style campaigning is replaced by planned marketing development. The strategy is precisely the plan by which the company’s marketing goes from place a to place b.

In the end, the best marketing strategies are also very simple. They should not be penetrated with every idea, but the strategy is created around the company’s competitive advantages and business goals in a customer-oriented manner and taking into account the market situation.

2. The strategy creates a competitive advantage and protects against competition

We should invest much more in the strategic side of marketing in Finland. Then big things would start to happen in companies, also in terms of internationalization and export growth.

In Finland, we are really good at utilizing marketing technologies and implementing tactical marketing. I don’t think we lose to anyone. And if a marketing Phone Number IT professional from the USA started doing tactical marketing in Finland, he would probably just wonder how advertising can be done in such a small market. How can he take advantage of artificial intelligence? Doesn’t every campaign generate hundreds of tons of revenue? How are the target groups so small?

Finland is really a very small market. That’s why you can manage up to a certain point with a good tactical approach, especially in industries where there is still little (digital) marketing.

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