The marketing response of domestic companies to the entry

You may also have noticed that many foreign entrants come to our Finnish market with a clear and distinctive angle. They have a strategy and they will not remain odorless or tasteless. A good example is Oatly. Often  of foreign companies remains at the level of “We are local”. As a theme, it’s really important and I don’t want to belittle it, but it also needs a lot more.

The strategy strengthens the brand and adds value to it

Vallila’s curtains are easier to market than curtains made by a local small weaving mill. The reason is that you don’t have to justify the quality or value of Vallila curtains. Vallila’s brand does at least half of the marketer’s work. The marketing of Pienompelimo’s curtains is again 100% behind the marketer’s know-how, because the brand does not bring any leverage.

One of the biggest benefits of a marketing strategy is the strengthening of the brand . When your company communicates to selected important target groups what value you produce, how you stand out from your competitors and what kind of customers buy from you and for what competitive advantage, repeating these things in marketing creates a certain image of your company.

If you raise the aforementioned issues to the tactical level of marketing, it will inevitably show in the fact that your brand image will develop in the Panama Phone Number List direction you want. In this case, daily marketing deposits value in your brand every moment. Without a strategy, marketing lacks a clear tip, i.e. the ability to deposit the desired value in the brand.

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How should marketing be done if the competitors are bigger and better known than you?

We often talk to our clients about how they can beat their competitors whose brand is much better known than theirs. The starting point for everything is that a lesser-known brand must do the most important things in marketing much better than its competitors.

It must be able to define its target group more precisely, create a lot of social proof on its site, i.e. references and other content that show the company’s expertise, and communicate Phone Number IT the value it produces to its customers in a distinctive, completely comprehensible and several times more attractive than competitors.

The most important thing is to start by convincing the most important target groups for the company’s business and create marketing only for them. When the company slowly starts to get its dream customers as customers, the snowball effect becomes possible. Good customers often bring more good customers, which is why good customers should take full advantage of their marketing power by making them your company’s recommenders.

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