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Don’t forget the budget needed for development

It is also budget needed worth setting aside a slice of the digital marketing budget for its development. From a marketing point of view, development targets can include testing new channels, training, creating or more precisely defining buyer personas, content production and brand work .

The budget may be need for unexpect changes in the company during the year, such as new products or services. Surprising wishes can also cause ad hoc work, which requires a little more time and money. For example, due to the lack of employees, the Helsinki office may have a surprising request for a new recruitment campaign.

With the help of buyer personas, it is easy to guide marketing communication in blog posts, organic social media updates and advertising  Thailand Phone Number List angles in, for example, Ads or LinkedIn. Buyer personas also help you choose the right audiences to target.

Phone Number List

Take advantage of proven advertising channels and try something new

When choosing a channel, the most important thing is to know your company’s buyer personas , so that you can choose whether it is worth advertising the company on LinkedIn, Meta’s services, TikTok or Google Ads, for example. Or at best you can reach your customers in all of them.

When budgeting for the channel’s media, country-specific differences Phone Number IT must also be taken into account. It is much cheaper to advertise in Finland than, for example, in Germany, where there are many more potential buyers. The same money does not get the same results in all market areas.

In addition, the following questions should be considered for each channel:

  • How much budget is put into new customer acquisition?
  • What about marketing to current customers?
  • Which product/service/business is allocated the most, which the least?

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