When the budget is too tight

ROAS of the channel 400% and orders would definitely come in. However, advertising is limited because a certain monthly amount cannot be exceeded. In this case, the company loses potential orders.

The ROAS of the channel is 400% and there is enough traffic, but we want to cut advertising because general cost cutting is underway. In this case, possibly the only steady cash flow is cut off and the risk is to make the entire advertising unprofitable. The risk is also the loss of income for the entire company.

Summary: A step-by-step guide to getting ahead with your marketing budget

  1. Define marketing goals
    It is good to set marketing goals for the short and long term. In addition, you should define what needs to be done to achieve the goals
  2. Determine the metrics that match the goals
    Marketing metrics allow you to verify Switzerland Phone Number List the value of the work done. It is also easy to develop marketing with the right kind of metrics. Implement digital marketing measurement according to the MRACE® model.

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Choose the marketing channels

By choosing the channels that best support the goals , in which the marketing is implemented, you will achieve the best results. Marketing goals should also be supported by a marketing plan. With the help of the plan, you also know when to publish new campaigns and content. Feel free to test new channels and set aside a slice of your budget for it to achieve the best results. It’s not worth compromising on what already works.

  1. Implement advertising in accordance with the goals
    Implementing advertising by aiming at the set goals is important in order to achieve them. With persistence and a clear direction, results slowly begin Phone Number IT to emerge. By pursuing quick profits, advertising will not become profitable in the long term. Persistent work is rewarded.
  2. Develop advertising according to the signals given by the meters.
    View the obtained results with the help of the meters, develop advertising and actions accordingly . Allocate more budget to where you get the best results and reduce where you clearly don’t get value for money. With agile development and quick reaction, quick profits can also be achieved, which may not be possible to react to without the right kind of measurement.

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