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Why is it important and how to create it?

Search engine optimization has become the cornerstone of every company aiming for success, and setting this cornerstone initially requires groundwork, i.e. an SEO strategy. Without an SEO strategy, search engine optimization measures lack planning and goal-orienteers, which means that the measures may only produce short-term profits without developing the bigger picture.

I hope this blog moves you forward and you learn how to bring your site’s SEO into this decade. You should always remember that Google’s algorithm changes daily. SEO measures that were considered good years ago can even cause harm to a site’s organic visibility today.

Next, we go through what SEO strategy means today, and how the importance of measuring and following the MRACE® model is becoming a more important part of this digital marketing channel every day.

A short lesson on the history of SEO

It is good to understand that SEO today is completely different from the ancient SEO of a few years or decades ago. We’ve come a long way from Sweden Phone Number List the days when Google’s search results were mostly determined by who could mention the search term most often in their content and HTML tags. In the old days, if there was a page at the top of the search results that mentioned a relevant search term 100 times, a competing SEO strategy basically consisted of creating a landing page with even more mentions. In terms of the user experience, things are fortunately moving forward!

Phone Number List

Although many people working in digital marketing today know not to practice the above-mentioned so-called keyword stuffing or excessive use of search words, the daily changing Google algorithm still causes a lot of challenges even for professionals.

We often come across the misconception that

For example, including keywords in the meta description would affect organic rankings, even though this criterion is no longer part of Google’s way of determining rankings. Of course, the meta description is an important element of the page in terms of click-through rate, but it does not affect the ranking itself.

Search Engine Optimization

that has made a big complete turn has been the acquisition of links. Of course, external links have always been important, but the change has been related to Phone Number IT  what these external links can and cannot be like. While a few years ago it was most important to acquire as many external links as possible in quantity and sometimes use dubious means to acquire them, such as buying with money, nowadays you have to invest in the quality of external links. Nowadays, we talk more about earning links, rather than acquiring them. As a tip – create content that others want to link to even without asking.

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