Why is it important to constantly monitor

How Search Engine Optimization Why is it important is developing? In companies, the job description of search engine optimization is often bundled with, for example, keyword advertising . In these cases, both digital marketing channels are managed by the same expert, but this is not the right way to operate and often causes limitations, as well as slows down the development of both channels.

How you rank in Google’s organic search

Is determined very differently than how you rank in Google’s paid search. And when time resources are tied up in two different channels, keeping up with algorithm changes is almost impossible.

It is even more effective in monitoring and development if there is a larger team of search engine optimizers in the background. Google does not offer instructions on a tray which criteria produce the biggest profits, so it is possible for a larger team to try out different operating models to determine which ones work and which ones don’t.

If the development of organic traffic has slowed down in your company, it is good to reflect on whether you have been able to Spain Phone Number List take into account what has happened in the constant state of change of search engine optimization. If, for example, a big algorithm update has gone unnoticed, it may be that the competitors who noticed the update have already run far away and it is a challenge to cover the distance.

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A big, comprehensive and permanent change in search engine optimization has also been the fact that worldwide already 58% of all Google searches are done on a mobile device.

While once upon a time in history search engine optimization was determined by three different criteria, today the ranking of a single landing Why is it important page is determined by more than 200 different criteria. In addition, these two hundred criteria have different weights, so it is good to be constantly aware of what will bring about the biggest changes, and to weigh the ratio of the amount of work to the benefit.

Nowadays, avoid e.g. these in search engine optimization:

  • Excessive use of keywords
  • Buying or exchanging links
  • Optimization for desktop users only
  • Focusing on just a few SEO criteria
  • Forgetting high-quality and unique content
  • Failure to follow an SEO strategy

The challenge of creating an SEO strategy and search engine optimization, and at the same time the fascination, is its constant change, which requires Phone Number IT constant monitoring of changes and reacting to them. It also seems that the future will bring new technologies faster than ever before. For example, artificial intelligence may soon give Google search results a whole new meaning.

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