Artificial intelligence and search engine optimization

Artificial intelligence makes search engine optimization faster and easier, but does not eliminate the need for an SEO expert.

Search engine optimization requires a deep understanding of the applicant’s reasons for searching, not just entering search terms into the site.

Artificial intelligence can facilitate manual work, for example in managing listings and grouping.

Implementation of SEO analyses, checking of keyword occurrences, content planning and structure definition with the help of.

The extensive use of in optimization requires an experienced SEO expert by your side.

The role of artificial intelligence in SEO tools:

  • Artificial intelligence functionalities have  already been implemented in several SEO tools.
  • Examples: Microsoft Clarity’s conversion optimization tool, Elementor’s “Content AI”, Chat GPT in content production, Midjourney in image production.
  • However, analyzes and content created by require an SEO specialist to review and possibly edit.

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Challenges of content produced by artificial intelligence:

  • Content produced by artificial intelligence  France Phone Number List may require correction to be customer-friendly and informative.
  • Text generated by AI, such as Chat GPT, must support Google’s EEAT principles.
  • The text produced by artificial intelligence must be factually true, serve the customer and follow Google’s game rules.
  • Google may treat content produced by with the purpose of manipulating search rankings as spam content.


At SDM, we see the very great potential that Phone Number IT artificial intelligence brings to everything we do. That is why we have already included artificial intelligence as part of our everyday work, and we have established an entire team around artificial intelligence, which studies its possibilities and follows its latest developments.  

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