How will artificial intelligence change search engines

Artificial intelligence has a significantly better ability to distinguish content relevant to the applicant compared to algorithms. For a long time now, Google has been developing more and more in the direction of bringing the necessary information to the applicant already in the Google search without the applicant having to go to the website.

Google has been moving in this direction for a long time, so the change in itself is not without direction. However, the artificial intelligence section takes up a lot of space at the top of the Google search, so in the future the value of the content that artificial intelligence presents to the searcher will be emphasize.

Google and Bing’s hand-wringing

The two biggest search engines, Bing and Google, have been competitors since search engines were born. Google has dominated other search engines China Phone Number List by the number of users for years. However, this gap has narrowed a bit. In 2023, Bing has grown by 8.2% and Google has shrunk by 85.5%.

One of the reasons for Bing’s growth is that it has been the first search engine to introduce text-based artificial intelligence into its search.

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That is, if you go to browse to find information through Bing, you can use intelligent search. This has got Google on its toes and they have been developing their own artificial intelligence Bardia frantically and will probably bring it to their own search engine relatively soon.

Although Bing has slightly increased

The number of applicants, Google’s dominance is still so strong that, for example, with SDM, search engine optimization efforts are concentrated Phone Number IT on Google’s side. 85% is still a crushing number of the total number of applicants. It will be interesting to watch how and when Google will respond to Bing’s artificial intelligence race. Is Google’s dominance of search engine users increasing, or has Bing managed to take over the market permanently? Read more about Bing search advertising here !

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