You figure out the most important steps to take to reach your goals

Perhaps even the most important function of the annual marketing clock is to summarize the whole in a single view. Without an annual clock, marketing measures are easily disconnected from each other, or at least their visualization and the effect of different measures on each other is easily overlooked. With the annual clock, you can see all the most important measures in the same view, and the whole is easy to understand.

You stay up to date

What about what’s coming in a month or two, and is everything ready for that? And perhaps even most importantly, what have the last weeks and  Belize Phone Number List months held, and what can we now learn from that time and the goals set for it based on the data? How has your company’s digital sales developed, and how have the main focuses of the annual watch affected it?

You make team work and cooperation go smoothly

The annual clock offers a single view from which your entire marketing team can quickly see the most important activities, and which marketing measures are in progress at each moment.

The year clock is especially useful if you work with a marketing partner. 

If you have still distributed measures to Phone Number IT several different operators, the annual clock is a great help in keeping the whole unit unified and the work determined. The annual clock is a great help to you, but also a guideline for your partners to keep focus on the most important areas for your business. The year clock also serves as a good basis for ideas.

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This gives room for creativity, and probably better suggestions for getting to the desired end result and exceeding it.

Take these into account when using the annual clock with a digital office:

  • Make the annual clock a common tool that is always available to everyone.
  • Return to the annual clock every month with your partner.
  • Go through the measures take and how the goals were achieve.
  • Keep the annual clock with you to guide the joint conversation.

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