You optimize the budget and resources

With the annual clock, you can reserve enough time and budget for the most important events and campaigns of the year.

You get more out of the annual watch if it has a marketing strategy behind it

The most important marketing measures defined in your marketing strategy are placed on the timeline in the annual clock, and thus become part of the daily marketing activities. You can use our MRACE® model as a good frame of reference when planning the implementation of the strategy, and therefore also when creating the annual watch .

REACH – How do you reach your Belarus Phone Number List target group and direct a relevant flow of visitors to your site.

ACT – How to convert the flow of visitors into leads with the help of content that supports the buying process of buyer personas.

CONVERT – How do you support the sales process and convert leads into sales using different channels.

ENGAGE – How to engage your customers in your company and turn them into regular customers and referrals to ensure real growth.

MEASURE – What metrics do you use to check marketing success and guide marketing measures.

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Creating an annual clock what should be take into account?

There are many gears and things to consider when creating an annual watch, and these vary considerably between different businesses. For some, the most important thing is to take into account certain events, anniversaries or seasons, while for another, the most important thing may be to systematically strengthen the brand image with continuous marketing measures. The annual watches of these companies would certainly look very different.

The annual clock itself is often quite a simple product. A good and a bad annual watch can look very similar on the outside.

Go back to your marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy is probably completely clear to you and you have a good handle on its nuances. However, go through the strategy with thought when you start creating the annual clock.

When creating the annual clock, marketing Phone Number IT measures are planned and organized, and their most important task is to put the strategy into practice. If the measures found in your yearbook are not in line with your strategy, it will most likely not guide your activities in the right direction.

When thinking about creating an annual watch, the most important points in your marketing strategy are:

  • Defining target groups and creating buyer personas.
  • Setting marketing goals.
  • Creating a content plan and channel strategy.


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