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articles: Example of Use Case Diagram Complete with? Along with Definition, Objectives, Components What is a Programmer? Things that must be mastered When a career has been around for years. And has reached an established point. We often call it the “comfort zone.” Many people yearn for it. Life feels calmer, more orderly, and promises stability. That is exactly what Ahmad Saepulloh felt after 8 years of career as a System.  Analyst and Senior Programmer at a reputable software house. This is the most comfortable time in my life,” he once said. This father of 2 children also feels that his work is enough to support his family. But then he realized that even though he was no longer twenty something , he was still juggling the same technology stack and responsibilities. Colleagues, even juniors, have become CEOs, CTOs, and even have their own start-up companies.

Meanwhile even though his work

was relatively good, he felt that his personal growth was underdeveloped. “When I was lulled into enjoying my comfort zone, my juniors were already taking off, running fast and leaving me behind. I question and doubt myself: will my competencies today continue to be relevant? There I realized that I had to change. Must master new skills.” (Ahmad Saepulloh) Mastering the Cloud as a New Skill Since his time in the world. Of programming, he has worked a lot with application whatsapp data solutions, testing, and building . Client-oriented information systems. In 2013, he began to be involved. In data warehouse, data migration and dashboard reporting projects. He and his team only used a traditional data warehouse with a relational database solution in an on-premise environment.

At that time this solution was

Whatsapp Number List

the most stable and one that companies could rely on in making decisions based on data. Technologies such as big data, cloud, data streaming and machine learning are still unfamiliar. It was in this phase that Ahmad began to get to know. And try to deepen his work in the data field. The assignment made him understand that to create a reliable solution. A strong exploration of the data field was required. Cloud has become a Phone Number IT hype for several years , so one option is to develop yourself.  He started by focusing on Python.

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