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The intention to get out of your comfort

unfamiliar, paid off with new job opportunities.   His job is to ensure that the quality of data in the big data environment that he manages meets operational standards and specific business use-cases .    Ahmad didn’t feel overwhelmed. Wanted for a long time. Inside and outside the fintech where he works . Ahmad really likes taking part in online certified training. in developing an application. (Ahmad) Motivating Learning How can Ahmad find time to study in AWS classes.


Information about a cloud

In early 2021 he received and back-end training program from one of the cloud providers, namely Amazon Web Services. After reading this description of the AWS Scholarship program in collaboration with Dicoding , he was very interested in ws data applying. In the midst of his busy work, this engineer from Bandung always makes time to “gain knowledge” – as he says.  The mission is clear: to complete 2 classes provided free of charge by AWS, namely Learning AWS Cloud Basics and Building he says, smiling.  In the world of technology.

Cloud Architecture on AWS

Whatsapp Number List

This class provides a curriculum with AWS’s international competency standards.  Interesting right? Let’s look at Ahmad’s learning experience in this class:“I am very satisfied studying in this scholarship class from AWS. The quality of the class Phone Number IT material is very good. The curriculum is important, aka relevant for my current profession as a Data Quality Engineer.  “Certainly challenging!” he replied chuckling. He forced himself to wake up early and open his laptop at the weekend.

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