Users are able to create personal journals

It’s easy to gain brand insights on both instagram and pinterest with metrics and kpi reporting within the platform. Key features: over 20.000 members across thousands of tribes replace spreadsheets and emails with integrat   collaboration tools weekly digest of important trends price: $9.99-$799.99/mo 31. The times of tweet    twttime the times of tweet   the tweet   times is an online content marketing tool that creates virtual newspapers bas   on chosen topics. With the free version. Users are able to create personal journals with basic features like auto-tweeting and simple customization. The paid version adds tools for sharing and audience development. Including full branding capabilities. A custom domain. And newspaper analytics.

Thinglink is a content tool that creates interactive images

Key features: create visually engaging online newspapers view curat   newspapers with top topics automatically find. Curate and Europe Email List share niche content price: free – $15/mo 32. Thinglink is a content tool that creates interactive images at starting from images. Videos and 360-degree m  ia. With the content   itor. Users can add tags to their m  ia that provide access to additional information. Video. Audio and web links. There’s also a tour creator feature that allows you to curate various m  ia and link them together for a single experience that can be shar  . Key features: create interactive 360-degree video clips ideal for   ucation thinglink mobile application for sharing notes and observations detail   statistics to gauge audience engagement price: free – $125/mo 33.

There are also a number of tools

europe email list

Tint  tint tint tint is a platform enterprise user-generat   content (ugc) for curating and displaying user content across your entire brand presence. You can integrate content into your website. Apps. Displays and Phone Number IT marketing campaigns for a seamless experience. There are also a number of tools that give you the ability to integrate links and m  ia within ugc to create dynamic displays for your brand. Key features: built-in rights management tools. For easy sharing machine learning to analyze images for greater audience understanding add blockable call to actions to ugc to increase purchase conversions price: $500-$1500+/mo 34 triberr is a content marketing automation platform that harnesses the power of tribes.

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