Social automation tools include content curation

Socialpilot socialpilot_co social pilot social pilot is a complete social software m ia marketing which includes numerous programming. Analysis and reporting tools. There are also advanc team collaboration features and a shar email inbox for managing engagement with fans and followers. Social automation tools include content curation. Rss fe automation. And mass uploading. Key features: publish blog posts from wordpress to social m ia assign hashtags to your posts from social pilot analytics and white label reports in pdf format price: $25-100/mo 28. Story storico story storyful is an information and social m ia news found by journalists.

They place an emphasis on investigative

The team provides customiz   solutions to Africa Email List clients and can analyze trends across breaking news and social m  ia sites. They place an emphasis on investigative and comprehensive analysis for each chosen topic. And there are a number of different strategies they can apply to each project. Key features: news and trend analysis social m  ia monitoring and reporting content provision. Licensing and production price: contact for pricing 29. Tagboard  tagboard tagboard tagboard is content curation and production software for displaying m  ia on a variety of different displays. With the launch module. You can discover and curate content using hashtags from a variety of sources in real time.

Key features: interactive displays for broadcast

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Visual styles can be select   with a few simple clicks and us   for broadcast. Live streams or viewing on a variety of screen types. Key features: interactive displays for broadcast. Live streams. Web and mobile. And  Phone Number IT venue screens design and produce stories with easy-to-use production tools powerful search of social m  ia content across rich real-time sources price: contact for pricing 30 tailwind  tailwindapp tailwind tailwind is a pinterest and instagram sch  uler with content curation and built-in analytics. Collaboration in tailwind is structur   around tribes that are focus   on particular niches and can be us   to find new content at any time.

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