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The theme obtaining solar energy from space space solar energy or space-base solar power in EnglishSSP or SBSP serves to get us closer to that objective of maximum use. First because from space solar energy is available 24 hours a day . Unlike terrestrial installations which depend on daylight hours and good weather. That is there are no clouds in between. Another advantage is that from space we capture all sunlight . On Earth the atmosphere is responsible for repelling around 30. of that energy. Thanks to this life is possible. In summary. Capturing solar energy from space and directing it to.

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Nothing that we do not already have deploye in the form of infrastructures in most regions of the planet. The difference would be that solar energy would be receive from space instead of capturing it with solar panels place photo editor on the ground or on buildings. In addition to the aforementione advantages this system has other benefits. Its defenders say that they could receive quantities of 1 2 or 4 GW. On the other hand these types of satellites are expensive. There is talk of tens of billions of dollars . In addition dozens of them would be neee to cover the demand. And the receiving facility should also be large.

Deficiencies can spoil the party

That already fly over our orbit . Its function would be to capture radiation or solar energy and conduct it towards Earth. All this thanks to a system of strategically place mirrors. As a curiosity the estimate distance between the satellites and our planet would be 35000 kilometers. Between the Earth and the Moon there are 384400 kilometers. Solar energy would not be sent directly. Instead it would be transmitte Phone Number IT in the form of microwaves to Earth. Some receiving facilities would be in charge of receiving that energy. And then convert it into electricity to power cities and other towns.

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