From idealizing overtime culture to caring culture

I have work in many workplaces where success is measured by numbers, overtime culture is idealize and people are happy when the work day is over. It’s efficient that – uh, I guess so. A culture that values ​​overtime and toast wears a person down very quickly.

Small breaks are important, whether you slip in for a remote coffee, take a break jog, or take a moment to test the wellness app Sparky. A porous working day improves the quality of work and recharges those doing their work, who are able to be creative, focus on their tasks and share the culture of caring around them. If a person burns out, he can’t take care of the people around him either.

I feel proud when I work at SDM

What makes our own work meaningful. As I write this, my own meaning map reminds me why I do this work. The board I made in the workshop Indonesia Phone Number List reads, among other things: We like to spend time together . And so it is. Next, I’m looking forward to a digital blood date, when the couples we value most can go on a date for a movie, a coffee or, for example, a run, so that we get to know everyone equally. Community spirit is an asset.

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It feels good that employees are value From idealizing overtime

Who they are and that responsibility is take for their well-being. It also creates a genuine desire to take care of others and ensure Phone Number IT that each of us with our own actions also strengthens the well-being of those we work with and asks: How are you doing?

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