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A well-being employee is a cornerstone

We believe that a healthy employee is the most important cornerstone of sustainable business operations. So we invest in it in many different ways in our everyday life. How do I maintain the car? How the hell did I manage to see a doctor? The passport should be renewed too!

Many companies are only open during office hours

which is why many working people struggle to find time to take care of everyday things so that work does not suffer. Sometimes it would also be wonderful to enjoy the sunny weather and go for a walk in the middle of the working day!

This flexible work time is a wonderful opportunity. Location independence also increases well-being and makes it easier to reconcile India Phone Number List work and life: you can work from exactly where it suits you. Whether you watch the machine from the shore of the lake, from abroad or just from home – you can do it!

Our hybrid work model enables you to build your own everyday life: sometimes remotely, sometimes in the office.

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Taking breaks is also encourage

Because remembering them is not self-evident for many. Instead, too often many hard workers find that they have spent the whole day without a break from meeting to meeting. Sometimes it’s important to stare out the window and do nothing – yes, absolutely nothing.

It’s about the union of freedom and responsibility. When the employee does his job and the employer understands that each of us has a life other Phone Number IT than work, the whole is in harmony. For me, this setting has been a facilitating and very pleasant way of living. Freedom also encourages me to try harder and show that I am worthy of trust. Overall, I can cope better and I can be an even better expert at work than before – and in my spare time, also a mother and spouse.

You are allowed to laugh, live and breathe. We live together in successes and sorrows. How are you doing? is not a question that is only asked to warm up. The question is part of the cornerstone.

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