Dashboard to facilitate the reporting of figures

Reporting and presenting the results to the management of our online store client that sells consumer products became much easier with the implementation of the MRACE® Dashboard. Before, key figures, budgets and campaign results had to be painstakingly compiled from numerous reports, but now they can be found effortlessly in one place. 

It is also easy to compare the channels with each other, and refining the details of marketing measures is possible through the “insights” provided by the Dashboard. In general, the discussion with management about the results achieved by marketing has been much more fruitful with the MRACE ® Dashboard.


Marketing is becoming fragmented, the range of channels and technologies is becoming more diverse, and companies’ operating environments are in constant change (and pressure). Due to this turbulence, the marketing goals, metrics and KPIs  Finland Phone Number List derived from the company’s strategy are a decisive part in deciding which means to respond to competitors’ measures and changes in customer behavior and technologies. In this way, you ensure your company’s competitiveness.

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If your company lacks goals, a unified “red” thread and a clear action plan, it is difficult to assess how successful we have been in marketing. In this case, the reporting of the results remains a mere compilation of figures on a monthly basis, without a clear context and target levels.

You should think of digital marketing like a game of chess

instead of focusing on one piece and one move at a time, you should think about the whole: the importance of each piece in terms of the game and always many moves ahead.

This may be self-evident to you as a marketing Phone Number IT decision-maker, but justifying different things to the management requires a clear model for managing the whole (MVG-MRACE®) and a separate tool (MRACE® Dashboard) with which it is easy to present the results achieved by marketing.

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