Why is vertical video so popular?

The consumption of vertical videos is also part of a larger restructuring of social media. Whereas traditional social media was based on social contacts – that is, users follow their friends and see their posts – social media based on vertical videos is increasingly built around interests.

Vertical videos are popular for the same reason as the McDonalds drive-thru. Their consumption is easy and they produce immediate satisfaction.

We see publications that the algorithm has selected for us based on user data. The more you watch videos on a certain topic, such as cars, the more car videos you will see. In other words, we no longer watch what our friends are up to or what they are up to, but social media has become more of an escapist entertainment service like Netflix.

But while Netflix collects a new data point about the user every 30 to 120 minutes, depending on what the user is watching, in TikTok the user starts a new video every few seconds.

TikTok’s algorithm learns very effectively to understand our taste preferences and shows us exactly the content that suits it. Of course, the algorithm Estonia Phone Number List can be taught by its own behavior to show, for example, educational videos, but I am skeptical about this myself. What kind of study is one where the student doesn’t even choose the subject of his study?

As such, none of this is really directly related to vertical video as a format, since vertical video itself is not the focus of popularity. It’s now more about which services these videos are shared on.

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How can your business benefit from the vertical video trend?

Anyone can join the trend of vertical videos. There is no entry fee for the trend, and in the world of vertical videos, any business can succeed.

Anyone can join the trend of vertical videos.

However, when you start producing vertical videos, keep the following things in mind.

Produce native content

Whether it’s TikTok or YouTube, the most important thing is that the content is designed specifically for that channel. First, spend a few hours getting to know the publishing platform and its culture.

In the world of vertical video, people want to see content that is native to that platform. No one wants to see just ads, instead you should participate in the culture around you in one way or another.

Make videos that people actually want to watch

It’s comforting to know that production quality isn’t the deciding factor in the vertical video world.

When people watch vertical videos, they want to watch instant, authentic moments of life. The best technology to produce these videos is the phone. The high production quality immediately reminds you of an advertisement, and a video made “too nicely” is actually easier to skip.

In vertical videos, good production quality does not help success.

Cut out everything unnecessary

Get right to it! In a vertical video, the point Phone Number IT should be clear to the viewer immediately.

Every second of the video should move the story forward. It is also unnecessary to add logo plans, intros or the like at the beginning or end. State your point directly – that’s it.

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