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So real, close and endearing that, from that moment, its author became part of that particular gallery of distinguish figures who gradually become cultural references and who, as milestones, mark the direction of the spiritual formation of each person, to a greater or lesser extent, it begins to occur around the end of adolescence. After a few years of not having read anything else by hesse, i met him again. A few weeks ago, browsing second-hand bookstores, i found in front of me a little book of his that i had never heard of before. But, also – in keeping with that seemingly contradictory sign that animates his work – there are mitations that contrast with that dark vision of the world and of man, and are express with the mystical coloratura that his worldview acquires when hesse,

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Its title: At the spa . It is not a work of fiction. These are two essays of autobiographical bias. The first, which gives its name to the book, contains Hesse’s memories after his visit to a natural treatment center for rheumatic ailments, locat in Baden, in search business database of relief from the sciatica that plagu him during the last years of his life; The second, “Nuremberg”, is the story of his trip to three German cities, whose final destination would be, precisely, the one that appears in the title, in order to participate as a speaker in two conferences that were to deal with his work.

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At the spa” is not only the account of his treatment. It is also, and above all, a deep and honest reflection on existence and about oneself. The misanthropy that always defin his characters and Hesse himself, his dizzying search for meaning in a world that exudes dehumanization, the pessimism that he always carri in the face of the human experiment, are themes that are reiterat from various angles in this text. . through turns that resemble ecstatic outbursts, aspires to the unity of existence or sees the spiritual purity that illuminates the world in the daily acts of anonymous people, or Phone Number IT expresses its strong attachment to the teachings of religious teachers, rescuing from them their universal background and its most essential truth, beyond the doctrinal boundaries within which they are dryly limit.

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