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Look for micro-influencers with a few thousand followers that are easier to reach. Or partner with like-mind corporations or other non-profits. Whatever helps you boost the signal to new audiences. Bonus: get the influencer campaign template for brands to easily plan your next campaign and choose the best social mia influencer to work with.  Consider paid posts social mia algorithms prioritize posts from close connections. That’s great for user experience but makes reaching donors difficult with organic posts. One solution is to spend on sponsor posts. Sponsor posts. Tweets. Or videos are available on almost every social mia channel. The best part is that you can pick an ideal audience to view your donation requests.

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Say your organization helps people overseas like the world food program does. You could tell facebook to show your post to travel enthusiasts. A screenshot of a sponsor facebook post from the world food program. Source: world food program usa on facebook you can target an audience by demographics like location. Age. Interest. 

Or activity like former donors. You can business database even find a look-a-like” audience with similar characteristics to people who already follow you. Of course. The downside to sponsor posts is the cost. But if you start with a small investment. It won’t break the bank to test the waters. Then use metrics to see what’s working and focus your budget on the places with the highest return. 

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Say thanks and celebrate the wins you set benchmarks for success in your plan. When you hit them. Celebrate publicly and thank all the donors that help get you there. You’ll remind current supporters that their help matters and sweep new donors up in the excitement. When the american heart. 

Association hit a million-dollar Phone Number IT milestone in one of its campaigns. People took to tiktok to share the love. Several devot aha supporters post short videos throwing streamers and saying congrats for the big win. The beauty of this strategy is that the aha supporters did all the work. Plus. They shar the post with their network. Expanding its organic reach beyond the charity’s page. That’s a lot of exposure for their fundraising campaigns without a lot of work put on volunteers. 

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