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Examples of QR code marketing

QR (Quick Response) codes have been around since the 1990s. The technology has not changed since then; but in a world of smartphones and 5G connectivity their use has finally taken off. QR codes have played a prominent role in governments’ responses to the COvid-19 pandemic too, bringing them into the mainstream.

Now is the perfect time for brands to take advantage of QR codes for digital marketing.

So how do QR codes work? Why have they taken off since 2022? How can you create your own? And how are brands using them today?

Current influencer marketing statistics

The pattern of squares and white space (which is known as the “quiet zone”) in each QR code is unique, so it can be tied back to one piece of online data. The codes can also be read from all directions, meaning the user can quickly scan it using their smartphone and land on the intended web page in seconds.

For example, a restaurant can turn the URL for their menu into a QR code. When a customer scans the code, they can be directed straight to the menu page.

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