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Understand how we reach the top of Google and increas our sales by 184%. Click on the banner below! From 0 to 90 thousand visits per month: Organic at the top of Google However, one disadvantage of SEO that I must not forget to tell you is that it can take a while to produce results , especially for newer sites, because it depends a lot on search engine And this data algorithms and niche competition . While the return does not come organically, investment in a paid mia strategy is often the solution: 5. Paid Mia (Ads) Just like conventional offline advertising, you can also pay for your ads to be display.

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On the Internet ! It’s possible: Create well-target ads that will only appear to your target audience; Boost content that was publish organically on your website And this data or social mia; And even hire other content creators to advertise your brand, product or service! It’s no surprise that the biggest online advertising platforms (also call “Ads”) are the search and social mia giants: Google Ads ; Meta Ads (formerly special data Facebook Ads , which is now also responsible for running ads on Instagram); LinkIn Ads; Twitter Ads, among other programmatic mia platforms.

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Online ads are a good Digital Marketing strategy for companies that want quick results and complete measurement of commercial campaigns. It’s also the most immiate way to put a website at the top of Google search results ! It’s a little more expensive than reaching the top positions 100% organically, but it spes up Phone Number IT months (if not years) of your company’s positioning. Paid mia and organic mia: Complete guide to reconciling the two 6. Remarketing Do you know when you.

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