YouTube Audio reaches outside of screen time

If your organization has, for example, a radio advertisement, the audio material can also be used on Google’s side. YouTube Audio ads are ads that, like all YouTube ads, are technically YouTube videos. However, they are run in an environment where people specifically listen to content, i.e. during podcasts and YouTube Music videos. Since the Audio ad is technically a video, the video also needs a visual element. The implementation can be just a still image, because YouTube recognizes when a person is not looking at the screen, in which case it selects the Audio ad for those who can hear it. The maximum length for an Audio advertisement is 15 seconds.

Afterwards, you can check the number of impressions And placements of the Audio advertisement in Ads. Placement can, for example, be a browser- or app-based broadcast Croatia Phone Number List of radio channels. Unlike in video ads, the reporting does not cover the viewing percentage, i.e. view rate. Audience data Ads reports normally. Using your own target audiences is also normally possible. In SDM tests, the conversion rate of Audio ads has been excellent.

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A nimble video companion for the most popular platforms and formats

SDM’s Google Ads team implements all YouTube campaign formats. We will help if you have, for example, nipple questions about the use of ready-made templates or we will create unique templates for you with the help of our graphics. We target advertising according to the MRACE® model to different stages of the purchase path, i.e. to audiences carefully built in Google Ads. In YouTube advertising, Google’s customized audiences, which are based, for example, on search terms searched by the user in the search engine or on competitor’s site visits, are high-quality and relevant cold Reach stage audiences. We pilot and test new features both in our own marketing and in our customers’ campaigns.

Video as a form of advertising

Is already an established megatrend, which today can be taken over with just a smartphone. The most important thing is Phone Number IT unique content, which Rulla Media’s Jussi Riekki gives good instructions for creating : create content about themes that your customers constantly ask or want to know more about, and choose a popular culture phenomenon as a concept. You may already have your own version of dance and whisper videos, but other rocking niches include horror and disgusting things.

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