You can get conversions from Bing significantly cheaper than Google

As an example, one of our clients, which is one of the leaders in its field and focuses on the acquisition of B2B leads , advertises on both Google and Bing with search terms that are very competitive in Google’s search. Due to the tougher competition, the price of a big conversion in Google has been on average up to 70% more expensive than in Bing advertising.

Although the amount of traffic and conversions that can be achieved through Bing is usually less than Google, Bing advertising should not be ignored due to its cost-effectiveness as an effective support channel alongside Google Ads. 

Similarities between Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads

Microsoft has certainly previously been  Belgium Phone Number List aware of Google’s dominant share also from the point of view of the advertiser’s needs, because over the years it has moved its Microsoft Advertising advertising tool closer and closer to the Google Ads advertising platform.

Microsoft Advertising’s user interface is very similar to Google Ads both visually and in terms of structure and functionality.

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In search ads, the current default form of text ads is a responsive search ad (Responsive Search Ad, RSA) similar to Google Ads, which is practically identical to Google’s equivalent in terms of structure and length of text fields.

The bidding strategies in use are also the same as in Google, i.e. you can adjust the bids you make on search terms with, for example, manual bids or based on artificial intelligence, for example based on the target price set for conversion.

With its import function

Microsoft Advertising even offers the possibility to clone the current Google Ads advertising account with its settings to Microsoft as is, which means that you can use your already existing Google Ads account in Bing search with just a few clicks.

All these possibilities make it relatively easy to implement Microsoft Advertising if Google Ads is already a familiar advertising platform Phone Number IT for your company. But just like Google Ads, keeping Bing search keyword advertising productive and effective requires constant optimization and advertising development.

At best, with well-planned and executed keyword advertising, you can reach your target group in the two largest search engines, so that you have advertising visibility that generates conversions and website traffic in both Bing and Google.

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