Why bring a CRO strategy to the SEO strategy as well?

Historically, Why bring a CRO organic visibility and rankings were long influenced only by SEO strategy measures, but nowadays Google’s appreciation of websites is also related to the website’s user experience and its conversion optimization .

It should be understand that Google is like a recommend, recommending what it thinks are the best sites to its users. It wants to recommend only pages that are functional in every way and to suggest search results that best match the applicant’s intent.

Google’s goal is that as many people as possible

find the answer through the very first search result and enjoy themselves on the site of this first search result. Google does not want it to be difficult Algeria Phone Number List to use, because in the worst case, the Google user may switch to another search engine. For this reason, it is good to include CRO and UX aspects in the SEO strategy as well.

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Affect Organic Rankings

Although, for example, the bounce rate does not Phone Number IT directly affect organic rankings, in search engine and conversion optimization it is good to familiarize yourself with the reasons that lead to bounce. The mere increase in traffic is of little use if this traffic does not utilize the contents or take the desired actions.

For example, if the site does not contain enough action prompts, there are too many pop-up windows, or the contact form contains too many fields to fill in, the visitor can easily leave. It is also good to create an action plan for these problems as part of the SEO strategy.

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