Which is especially popular with the younger generation

It is still possible to be a pioneer in TikTok, as the competition for attention within the app is not yet at the level of other platforms. On the flip side of cheap visibility and little competition, it also requires the company to plan and invest differently in videos, as well as to know trends   – just any quick video is not worth going out of your way. Because of this, it is also at its strongest in the consumer field, either in online shopping or in other consumer-oriented services.


LinkedIn has long been profiled as “professional-some” and a kind of digital CV extension, as a result of which the targeting of LinkedIn advertising has also been strongly focused on professional life. We can target by employer, by seniority or by industry, and no other social media channel collects this information directly.

Because of this, the “hard” B2B business is strong in LI, as users Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List browsing their feed are often in a strong work mode and can more easily keep their company’s needs in mind, also when facing advertisements.

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Measure by the price of impressions, advertising on LinkedIn is more expensive compare to other channels. CPM, i.e. the price per thousand impressions, may be several tens of euros in a precisely define and competitive audience. Typically, however, leads obtained through advertising are more valuable, in which case the price of an individual lead may appear high, but its turnover potential is considerably high.

This is why, for example, lead acquisition using downloadable guides is very typical of LinkedIn advertising.

LinkedIn also has a unique trick up its sleeve in recruitment advertising: you can target your job advertisement to people who have themselves declared on LI that they are without new challenges.

Meta, meaning Facebook and Instagram

The most traditional social media platforms FB and IG are often the “workhorses” of social media advertising – reasonably priced and consistently Phone Number IT generating conversions. In terms of age distribution, FB is starting to fall into the big age groups, so the youngest and most trend-conscious customer group may not be the best to reach there, but using Instagram either as the only placement or at least heavily emphasized, we are already very close. Also, it’s good to remember that the riders on the crest of that latest wave may be a loud crowd, but not always the most interesting for your business.

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