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 Which goals can be used to best focus the marketing

The goals set for marketing are the basis of strategy work. They create a direction for marketing and the strategic goals to be pursued with marketing. They also focus resources on the right channels and measures. A marketer who sets goals reports 376% more success than a colleague without goals.

The goals are always based on the company’s business strategy, so that marketing does not become an independent unit with its own goals. In this case, it is clear to the entire company how the success of marketing helps in achieving business goals.

We use the 5s model when setting goals. It is an excellent model for defining marketing goals because it makes it easy to divide the different goals into five different main themes.

The themes are:

  1. Sell, i.e. increasing sales
  2. Serve means serving customers
  3. Speak, i.e. building a customer dialogue
  4. Save, i.e. improving cost efficiency
  5. Sizzle, i.e. building a brand

Very often, marketing goals overlap with all of these. However, the most important thing is to determine the main goals, of which you should take 2 and at most 3 from this list at once.

How do you explain to your customers why they should buy from you?

The value proposition summarizes for the customer why he should buy from you and not from a competitor. It therefore turns your company’s competitive advantages into customer benefits.

The value proposition should be the first thing your customer sees when they arrive at your site. It’s like the title of the entire website: why should the  Tunisia Phone Number List customer get to know you more? The value proposition should also be something that your customer remembers after leaving your website. A good value proposition is so memorable and clear that it is easy to pass it on to a friend.

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The podcast below gives you an insight into where you should start when you want to set goals for your company’s digital marketing. In this episode, you’ll get tips on creating and clarifying a value proposition and how your company should go about defining its competitive advantage.


If I had to do only one thing in marketing, I would summarize the company’s value proposition really well. And of course, if I could do another thing, I would communicate it in the channels where customers spend their time. The value proposition is therefore so important that it tells the customer why it is worth buying from your company.

A value proposition cannot be invented out of thin air, but is created from existing building blocks:

  • The desired value or need of your customers
  • The competitive advantages and distinguishing factors of your product/service
  • Your company’s long-term vision
You can find the content of your value proposition at the center of these three elements.

All of this can be backed up and concretized with stories from your employees about how the value proposition is reflected in your practical work. Stories bring emotion and meaning to a value proposition that is often very focused on benefits. Ask what your employees are proud of, what your customers thank you for and why they are your customers.

Your company’s competitive advantages and differentiating factors are studied and conceptualized for these five categories:

  1. Does the product have special features that make it different?
  2. Is the service process the best or unique?
  3. What kind of customer experience Phone Number IT is created when using the product/service?
  4. Can differentiation factors be created with the help of the brand and visual appearance?
  5. Is it possible to create a new and own market within the market only for the company’s products?

Through these questions, we find completely new angles, how to express the value of your company’s product or service in a more meaningful and distinctive way for your customers.

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