When that channel doesn’t work

The MRACE® model fits Meta’s channels perfectly, because Meta’s algorithm has huge masses of data at its disposal to target both cold and warm audiences. In addition, there is a very versatile selection of methods for the Engage phase, i.e. for engaging the customer and generating additional sales. People have also already “learned” to buy from Meta’s channels, in other words, customer and consumption behavior has taken shape over the past decade to support, for example, searching for new interesting products on Instagram. People no longer come to read their friends’ news, they come to shop.

Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter + dark horses eg Reddit, Twitch etc.

The fact that a social platform does not have millions of active users does not mean that there is no point in advertising there. For example, on Reddit, you might find a group of users who are passionate about one of your company’s product groups, to whom you can offer immediate added value with, for example, fast deliveries or Finnish-language user support.

Channels emerging outside the so-called volume platforms, i.e. Meta, LinkedIn and TikTok, are definitely worth testing. The most important thing is to make it clear to yourself what you are looking for on certain channels.

Not advertise there channel doesn’t work

An example can be taken of a large and successful Bolivia Phone Number List construction company that sells products to both B2B and B2C; according to the customer, they only have LinkedIn and not Facebook or Instagram at all. 

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After that, we caught that, already somewhat warm, audience at a much cheaper price on both Facebook and Instagram – because the truth is that the CEOs of the companies also use other social media channels in addition to LinkedIn. This way we got the maximum result, efficiently and as cheaply as possible.

Digital marketing is adaptation, self-discipline and most Phone Number IT importantly – continuous testing. It’s like steering a ship – small movements of the rudder that have a big impact later, it’s about keeping the course when the storm is raging under the keel – it’s about tolerating uncertainty and choosing the right kind of ship for new waters, new routes and changing winds.

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