When prioritizing tens or hundreds of search

You should first focus on purchase intent words , because they turn into money faster. When you have caught most of them, you can move on to searches related to the search for information, e.g. “starting to play” or a longer-tail search term: “how to learn to play by yourself”.

Customers who search for products or services with purchase intent words are more mature for the purchase idea and you can see it in the form of the search. For example, they do not search with the main search term “musical instrument” or “guitar”, but may already know more precisely what kind of instrument they are looking for: “electric guitar”, “electric guitar of such and such brand”.

Keyword research is a necessary part of a functioning SEO strategy

It largely determines the amount of future organic reach. At the same time, it ties together SEO, SEM and content functions more strongly.

Keyword research should also be update from time to time, as trends, consumer behavior, technology and competitors are constantly developing. In some areas, changes are Nepal Phone Number List slower and updates are needed less frequently, perhaps every several years. In rapidly developing fields, again every 1-2 years. You certainly have some idea of ​​the development of your field, but if you’re not sure, ask an expert.

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It is good to remember that research and content creation alone do not guarantee results due to competition. Continuous monitoring of the data and especially continuous development based on the results guarantee the results.

After preparation – time to reach out to customers

When you have located your customers’ GPS signal using buyer personas and found the paths used by customers through keyword research, you can hit the ground running.

We know who the customer is and what he wants, but we still don’t have the content to target and convince him.

Your content must be of higher quality or better optimized than your competitors in order for it to rise above your competitors in Google’s search results. Google’s 1st page covers the first 10 results, and of those, the first 5 garner the lion’s share of visitors.

Google has hinted that it is moving to a model of continuous scrolling in computer searches , so that the first 30 results are displayed before having Phone Number IT to click to view more results. This would mean more visibility also for positions 11-30. However, while doing this, the update has not reached Finland yet.

Breakdown of Google’s organic click-through rates (CTR) by rank, according to Backlinko’s 2022 study.

The importance of Reach is indicate by the fact that, according to Backlinko’s most recent analysis (10/2022), the first 5 places collect up to a good 69% of all clicks (picture).

According to the analysis, about 86% of all clicks go to Google’s front page, i.e. the first 10 results, and the rest go to the following places. It means that places 6-10 collect only approx. 17% of all clicks.

Another fun fact from the same analysis: in 1st place you are up to 10 times more likely to get an applicant to click on your page than in 9th or 10th place. So, as usual, the closer you are to the top, the more traffic you get to your pages.

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