What to consider in an SEO strategy?

For example, What to consider Google’s best practice for meta description length seems to be constantly changing. In some situations, Google shortens meta descriptions to less than 400 pixels, although sometimes it also shows meta descriptions of more than 1000 pixels in the search results .

Measurement of the current situation

At this stage, you can often notice that, for example, the most important landing pages bring traffic, but they are also immediately exit.

  • Competitor analysis : With this, it is possible to take advantage of competitors’ weaknesses and model their strengths.
  • Audit existing content : While it is often Albania Phone Number List says that content is king, it can also be too much or of poor quality. Google values ​​fresh, relevant and user-friendly content, so the site’s current content should be audited.
  • Keyword research : It is good to know which keywords you want to use in a perfect world and in the long term to rise in the organic search, where your competitors rise, and which landing pages each search term leads to.

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Content plan

If content topics are always decide on the fly, there is a great chance of causing cannibalization or, alternatively, forgetting important keywords. The planning of the content must be based on the SEO strategy.

  • Link analysis : Links affect the reputation of the site and are one of the three big entities of search engine optimization, based on which Google organizes search results.


  • On-page SEO : Google has best practices for e.g. title tags, meta Phone Number IT descriptions and other HTML tags, which should be follow if you want Google to recommend your pages in their search.


  • Technical Audit : Technical problems can in the worst case cause no one to reach your site organically, so technical problems need to be fix and there should be continuous monitoring for them.

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