What is a marketing strategy?

The marketing strategy answers the following question. How should the company do marketing now and in the future so that it can generate new customers and succeed in the best possible way from now on with the resources it chooses?

It can already be concluded from this that the marketing strategy should always be based on the business strategy. Marketing cannot go in a different direction with the company, and it must not be its own siloed and detached unit.

If you have the feeling that marketing is not sufficiently

Understood or appreciated in your company , and that marketing does not receive the necessary resources for success, then the reason is often in the lack of marketing. Whether the situation is a cause or a consequence of something is not so relevant now.

There is an easy solution to restoring the appreciation of marketing in the company, which you will hear about soon. And restoring appreciation is often also the key to marketing starting to get the necessary resources so that success with marketing is possible in the first place.

As soon as marketing starts talking more about topics that interest the rest of the company’s management, marketing strangely starts to interest every company manager:

  • how does your company stand out from your competitors and what are the competitors doing?
  • which target groups should you win Romania Phone Number List over as your customers and how do you do it?
  • how can you make sales work easier with marketing?
  • how do you guide your company towards the age of digital sales?
  • how do you capture the company’s long-term competitiveness with marketing?
  • how do you promote company-level goals with marketing?

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The conversation turns from individual campaigns

And individual social media posts to big themes, on which the rest of the management often also has a good view.

So if you want to create clarity for your entire company, how marketing promotes, for example, the themes listed in the bullet points above, then creating a marketing strategy is the easiest way to do that. Why?

I will repeat what I mentioned earlier: marketing strategy is a plan of how a company should do marketing now and in the future, so that it can generate new customers and succeed in the best possible way from now on with the resources it chooses.

So you can think that a good strategy brings together the potential that exists in your company and transforms it into carefully considered measures that promote the company’s business goals.

Just as a magnifying glass gathers the sun’s rays together and makes them scorching hot, so a well-thought-out strategy does the same to the company’s existing potential. The magnifying glass does not create the power of the sun, it gathers the existing power of the sun together. Also, the marketing strategy does not create new strength in the company, but it harnesses the company’s existing potential and resources so that marketing can produce the best possible result.

Sure, the marketing strategy creates a certain kind of new power in the company: enthusiasm. Better focus clears the mind and leads to better results. It creates more feelings of success, increases enthusiasm and creates pride in one’s work.

Case example: When marketing is appreciate, the company can grow faster than the market

In addition to the marketing and brand director, the sales managers of the various business units and the CEO visit the monthly marketing meetings at Phone Number IT regular intervals. In this way, transparency increases and information flows seamlessly between sales and marketing. We also want to invest in marketing in a completely different way, when its goals are discussed together.

The beginning of the 2020s has not been the easiest period for the industry in question for many reasons, but still LämpöYkkönen has made great growth faster than its market.

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