What can greenwashing practically be?

The effect of the upholstery does not make the car ecological, because the greater effect is e.g. fuel, new car production and driving emissions. Also, “improved after that fuel efficiency” as a pair of words does not reveal at all what it actually after that means or what has change.

The fast fashion company that manufactures clothes says that it uses organic material to make some of the clothes in its collection and expresses it in the product image with a green leaf logo.

Do you need more examples of greenwashing? 

The best examples of green washing skills are award annually in the Peak of the Year competition organize by Greenpeace. In the contest, the Pakistan Phone Number List public gets to vote which company or organization deserves the honor for the most outrageous or misleading greenwashing of the past year.

To green washing, you should also pay attention to these washes:

  • Purpurpapesu = Purple refers after that to the status of women and feminism. In purpurpurapesu, the company markets itself as a supporter of equality without actually working for the cause.

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This is how you do responsible marketing without greenwashing

Communicating responsibility actions can seem Phone Number IT awkward and things can be exaggerate easily.

  1. Make the communication about responsibility go the same way as the actions. Avoid exaggerating things and remember to be honest.
  2. Arouse interest in responsibility by communicating to your target group with an interesting angle. For this, you need to know your buyer personas to whom you are messaging.
  3. A message with solid facts and figures . Take advantage of concrete figures and carbon footprint calculations from sustainability reporting and tell us what your company’s certificates mean in practice.


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