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Call to Action Color: Changing the color of the call to action button can increase results. For example, Hubspot has found in its research that a red call-to-action button is 21% better than a green one. Length of sales page: There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this, but a study by Marketing  220% more leads than short sales pages. (In other words, long sales pages were shared more and linked to more than short sales pages.) A/B Testing: Companies that consistently A/B test their sales pages get 7-10x more leads than companies that don’t. Images: Eye-tracking studies have shown that visitors pay special attention to images that contain information.

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Appropriate visuals (for example, infographics, statistics, surveys) can keep users engaged and lead to better results. Scarcity and urgency: Instilling urgency can increase sales by 332%.  brings the desired results? I have been special data teaching for years that the sales page should be written first before any other campaign or launch material is created. This is because by writing the sales page first, you can keep all the material logical. If you create the marketing material first, it may be that you have written something there that is no longer logical from the point of view of the sales page. In this case, producing marketing material has been pointless and has taken up your precious time.

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From the end to the beginning works excellently in producing marketing and sales material. Many entrepreneurs think that all content must be different. However, the best results are obtained by telling similar things in the content. Repetition is the mother of learning. Remember the Marketing Rule of 7? People need to see your marketing material at least 7 times before they start to register it and Phone Number IT become interested in your products and services. The same applies to the sales page. When the sales page is written first, you can take small parts of it and use them in other materials, such as launch emails, campaign messages and blog posts. To write a sales page, it is enough that you have a clear idea of what you sell or what the body of your course or training is.

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