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Tools to conduct a webinar

In addition, There are many of you who have asked me which tools for conducting a webinar are the best. Confinement made many entrepreneurs and companies begin to bet on this formula. As a way to continue providing value to their audience or as Tools to a sales system. This stage has helped us to test different tools. Investigate and see which options are the best according to our objectives. In this post I want to tell you about my experience, hoping that it will be useful to you. But let’s start at the beginning, first let’s clarify what a webinar is and the different types that exist.

Educational Webinar

Therefore, I will also share the different aspects that you have to take into account when choosing the most appropriate tool to carry out a successful webinar. What is a webinar and what types are there? A webinar is the seminar or conference that we are used executive email list to in the offline world but online. This is a presentation, workshop or online training in which one or more speakers give a talk or conference to the public. In this space, content is offered on the topic of the Webinar and normally a space is also dedicated to answering questions.

Sales Webinar

Therefore, Types of webinars that exist I would simplify the types of webinars into two large blocks: 1. Educational Webinar The objective of this Tools to webinar is to offer Phone Number IT valuable and educational content to our audience on a specific topic. In this space, people who attend find educational content about a topic of interest so they can continue learning and growing in that specific area. This workshop or online training will be exclusively educational. In addition, There are different options: free or paid. Normally, this type of educational or training webinar is usually paid (80% paid, compared to 20% free). 

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