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To connect but below the surface people are struggling. To keep their heads above water. Organizational expert Adrian Gostick and leadership expert Chestor Elton call this the duck syndrome. This kind of hidden tensions and stress can eventually lead to absenteeism. And you want to avoid that absence. The urgency of this problem is apparent from these figures in the first half of the year, of absenteeism in the Netherlands had a stress-relate cause. That is quite a lot. How do you combat that stress and tension in your organization to prevent or reuce absenteeism? Dont worry relax. I share tips. 

What exactly is the secret

Leader Show you are fallible! Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton argue in their book. Tension at work affiliate for photo editor a human approach in which psychological complaints due to tension and uncertainty are not only discusse, but also effectively tackle with compassion. For their book they have conducte extensive research into success factors when working on stress prevention and stress management in various large and smaller organizations. Leaders have an important role, as it turns out. The most important icebreaker is to show as a leader that you dont always know, that you also make mistakes and that you dont run away from them.

To success with corporate gifting

In short that you show your team that fallibility is human and that it is fine. This is a strong tool in this performance-oriente world that makes people prone to performance anxiety. . Goals are not sacre, healthy employees come first It is difficult to be open about experiencing tension, uncertainty or fears. It can feel like failure. This can create additional tensions and make employees insecure about their job. In an effort not to Phone Number IT show this vulnerability, they can work even harder. Unnotice this goes a little further and further. They easily get stuck, because they feel that they have to keep performing.

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