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There Is No Single Explore Page the Instagram

Here’s how each of the most widely us social mia apps stacks up. Facebook’s users skew older than the average audience on other socials. It’s also a versatile platform to post videos. Images. Long-form text. And manag events. Instagram’s audience is concentrat between 8 and -year-olds. The platform is primarily visual. So it’s the place for a carousel of photos and videos. Twitter’s user graph looks like facebook’s. With nearly  between  and  years old. As the place for 8-character comments. It’s best to use twitter for direct donation requests. Like generous heart did with this tweet. Linkin is where professionals go to find jobs and talk shop. Regardless of age.

Fee Is Always Changing Too the Algorithm

This is where you’ll inspire corporate donations. Tiktok is the platform to use if your goal is to reach gen z; most people on the platform are funny. Educational short videos are the key to success here. Youtube holds a unique position on this list as the place for long-form videos. 

They give you more space to b2b leads tell a deeper story. There’s a cross-generational audience on youtube. So just make sure your content matches your target demographic.  Optimize your content for mobile most people flip through social fes on their phone e.g..  Of facebook users access via the mobile app.

Behind the Instagram Explore Page Uses

You want your posts to shine on small devices. Here’s a fundraising post from water for people that’s optimiz for mobile. Notice that the copy is short and snappy. That’s important because instagram truncates captions until someone clicks them. Write your highest impact statement clearly in the first few words. 

The post has most of its hashtags Phone Number IT after the main text. Hashtags are important. But you don’t want them blocking out other copy. You can also hide them in a comment. See how they shorten the link via ow.ly? That’s another way to keep the copy tight. They also put the full link in their bio.

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