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The social media dilemma

The documentary about the .essay “ The Social . Dilemma ”, available on Netflix , is generating a lotThe social media dilemma of noise around the problems generated by the use of social networks today. It is true that the report itself is not done with the greatest rigor, and this makes you suspect that there is some interest behind it. The socialIn any case, I think it is a great excuse to talk about a topic that concerns us all and has worried us for a. lLong time. Since the Internet has been in our daily live.  But more specifically . Since social platforms have existed (I include social networks and any platform with a clear social focus such as YouTube, or historical communities such as Reddit, and I . Would even talk about everything that we can use from our mobile phones). steals attention like email), we. Hhave begun to see a series of problems that have affected us directly or indirectly.

What problems can social networks cause us?The social

A good starting point for the analysis is to define the problems that social platforms can . Cause us. Let’s name things. Social networks addiction We start from the.  Basis that we are biologically programmed to connect socially.The social media dilemma We are social beings who tend to live in community and all positive contact industry email list generates dopamine in our body and this makes us feel good. Because of this basic principle, social networks are potentially addictive. Consciously or unconsciously, we seek constant reward. The socialWe all like to feel good, to feel that others accept us.

Self-esteem problems

We have been seeing and talking about the struggle of many to Phone Number IT increase . The number of followers on their social profiles and to increase the number of ‘likes’ on their publications for some time. Let’s remember that each new connection, each new ‘like’ is a . Small injection of dopamine that comforts us. Therefore we want more. In most cases, this search is nothing more than anecdotal. The social media dilemmabBut especially in younger people, it can be a serious problem. If I upload a photo and I get positive reactions, perfect. But what if I don’t get likes. What if they leave me negative comments.  How does this affect our self-esteem? How can it affect younger people.

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