This way you can alter the perspective

Reshape objects, or adjust body proportions while preserving the overall integrity of the image. Accessing the image puppet warp tool: to access the image puppet warp tool in photoshop, follow these simple steps: a. Open your image in photoshop. B. Make sure the layer containing the image is selected. C. Go to the “Edit” menu and choose “Puppet warp.” placing control points: once the image puppet warp tool is active, photoshop overlays a mesh grid on your image with multiple control points. To place control points, click on the desired areas where you want to apply the deformation.

For more precise control you can add additional

Control points. These points will serve as anchors to manipulate the image. Manipulating control points: to manipulate the image using the control points, follow these techniques: a. Move: click and drag Shadow and Reflection a control point to move the corresponding part of the image. B. Pin: hold the “Alt” (option on mac) key and click on a control point to pin it in place. This ensures that a specific area remains unaffected by the warp. C. Remove: press the “Ctrl” (command on mac) key and click on a control point to remove it.

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Creating natural deformations the key

To creating natural-looking deformations with image puppet warp is to use a minimal number of control points strategically placed in critical areas. This prevents unwanted distortions and maintains the realism of Phone Number IT the image. For complex edits, it’s best to work on smaller regions of the image at a time. Applying puppet warp to various elements: image puppet warp is a versatile tool that can be applied to various elements within an image: a. Portrait retouching: correct facial expressions, adjust facial features, or enhance body proportions for portrait retouching.This way, you can alter the perspective.


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