The New Winds of Bing Advertising

Advertising has long been overshadowed by Google as a platform for search engine advertising, but Bing’s recent development has brought it back into the consciousness of every digital marketer. In 2023, Microsoft brought Chat GPT’s artificial intelligence to Bing, the first of all search engines. What does it mean for advertisers?

Will Bing Chat use GPT to challenge Google?

Microsoft’s Bing may have long had a reputation as a somewhat forgotten search engine. However, in reality, it still has millions of users and is still  the second most popular search engine in the world, right after Google.

According to the Stat counter website, which collects various statistical data globally, Google is of course rolling with more than 94 percent of the market share of search engines in Finland, but Bing comes in second place with a share of about 3 percent.

However, in February 2023, Microsoft announced a truly significant reform when it announced that it would bring Chat GPT, the so-called conversational artificial intelligence, to Bing’s search engine.

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You can also ask complex questions to Bing’s chat

With Chat GPT, the user can ask Bing creative UK Phone Number List and even complex questions directly inside the search engine. Instead of short search words, you can even give the search engine the task of planning a gym program or a multi-course dinner with recipes and ingredients.

Instead of a traditional search result view, Bing, based on artificial intelligence, then forms a clear and unified answer to the user’s questions by extracting information from numerous different sources. You can also ask the search engine follow-up questions or clarifications if the original answer was not precise enough.

Bing shows the sources of the answer at the end of the post.

With its innovation, Microsoft beat Google Phone Number IT in the artificial intelligence race, at least for this stage, because it managed to connect a conversational artificial intelligence to its own search engine before Google.

For the user, the reform is also significant, because Chat GPT-based Bing beats Google with its user experience, at least for those for whom the traditional search results view may have become difficult.

Not long after the announcement of the new Bing, Microsoft also announced that it will start bringing ads directly into the search engine’s chat via its own Microsoft Advertising advertising tool.

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