The goals defined on the basis of the marketing strategy

When you have well-defined and measurable goals, you know how to start planning an annual clock to achieve them. What marketing measures should be taken in the next year in order to achieve the goals?

If the marketing goals are still not clear at this point, you can get support in defining them from our blog: Set marketing goals using the 5S model

Mark the most important campaigns and measures on the year clock

What are the measures in which success helps your company reach its goals? Record all of these in the yearbook. Pay attention to the channel strategy Bahrain Phone Numbers List record in your marketing strategy and base on it, write down what is done in each marketing channel at any give time.

Are there certain dates in the calendar that are critical for marketing? Mark the dates, events and the most important campaigns related to your business on your calendar.

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How will the content plan be implement in the coming year? Mark on the year clock what content is produc and publish during the year. Also take into account the content production required by advertising campaigns and prioritize which content should be ready at any time.

Content plan – how to put it into practice

What other measures are plan for the next year? Other measures can be, for example, updating keyword research, creating or updating buyer personas, or, for example, mapping the opportunities created by artificial intelligence in your marketing. Also write all these down in the calendar.

Marketing’s annual calendar should include at least Phone Number IT all measures at the tactical level of marketing. Our MRACE® model provides an effective frame of reference for doing marketing tactically, which allows you to outline the most important marketing measures for your annual watch over the course of the year.

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