The future of networking is digital

I have been thinking for several months about the different ways in which the coronavirus crisis has affected our professional lives. One of the areas that has drawn the most attention is the networking evolution. In a previous article about the challenges and solutions for events during the coronavirus crisis , I talked a little about this topic, but I would like to delve deeper into its consequences and possibilities. What is it and how to network? The definition of networking is clear: generate networks of contacts that open business and employment opportunities.

All of these options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Events : it has the great advantage that many people from the same sector gather t. Ogether and, if you organize yourself well and do category email list your homework beforehand, you can get good contacts. The big disadvantages are that they are at peak times, you can’t always go, it is usually quite difficult to have quiet moments to talk and as a consequence you end up with many business cards (yes, they continue to be exchanged!). But without many valuable contacts. Social networks : it can be something similar to in-person events. Its advantages are that you have access to “all” profiles and if you work . Hard and well, you can initiate valuable contacts, and that you can synchronize agendas better.

What is NOT networking?

One of the most widespread mistakes is that many confuse selling with networking. They think that crushing a database or a social network is making professional Phone Number IT contacts, when in reality it is pure and simple sales. Networking is the closest thing to a personal attitude . You create your network by adding contacts in which you have an initial interest and others with whom you establish a relationship with the aim of. Biscovering commonalities that can lead to mutual benefit. Giving without expecting anything in return Networking works when both parties win.  But this gain does not have to occur at the same moment.

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