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Here you should take advantage of bundling

The best part is that these don’t have to be long. You can hold a 15-30 minute Facebook Live or a 30-45 minute webinar. The purpose of these is to show people that you know a lot about the subject and that you are worth listening to. You can take advantage of webinars and Facebook live in two ways: either grow your email list or engage and build trust with current readers. 2.3. Add small opt-in gifts to every blog post you write These small joining gifts can be, for example checklist from the blog post a workbook that comes with information written in a blog post short e-guide or e-book  quick to make and bring something extra in addition to the blog post. 2.4.

These joining gifts are easy and

Sign-up gift from time to time on social media as well make a few visual publications that you schedule for new database Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. , they direct visitors directly to the landing page. The best thing about this is that you can make up to 30 posts to different social media channels, think of a few different short texts and schedule the posts. This way you don’t have to be on social media all the time. Instead, new great readers and followers are joining your email list steadily. 3. Regularity here means once a week. Yes, you heard that right. Once a week. I know it requires more time and effort, but I promise you will thank me for this many times over. I want you to talk to your dream customers as often and as closely as possible. You provide them with pre-planned, value-added content.

With Canvas, for example, you can quickly

 Why? Out of sight, out of mind tasks, i.e. write 3 to 4 e-mails in one day and schedule them every week. In terms of time, this procedure requires one full working day. , it’s your job to take care of them, give them your Phone Number IT time and attention. Offer them added value and make them feel special. Give them a reason to stay and read your posts. The weekly email doesn’t have to be long (400-600 words is enough), but it should always offer some kind of information that is not available elsewhere. You can also think of it as writing a blog post that is full of inspiration, added value and a good mood.

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