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Spend more time on your page


 With this type of technique you not only lighten the weight of your Website but you also take advantage of the traffic coming from this social network. Another advantage is that. by watching a video. users will .


Put share on social networks

buttons at the end of each post Not Pakistan Telemarketing Data all visits come from search engines. they also come from other websites. emails and social networks. If you give users the opportunity to share your content and they do.

Search engines will interpret

that your website is more interesting than others and you will leave sooner. Measure your progress and make decisions accordingly Many Spend more time on your page people think that writing a post and publishing it is all they have to do.

The reality is that

We have made that entry and we have formulat. a hypothesis: we believe that it will attract users. How do we know if this is true. We’ll have to take a look at our Google Analytics and see what results our efforts are having.

How many visitors has it Spend more time on your page brought. Has Algeria Phone Number list our position in the desir. keyword improv. Have we achiev. user interaction. It is possible that after some time we will have to review the 


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