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Faster by Sell ​​Artistic Crafts automating the fulfillment process. Luigi Let’s talk about costs. Which platform offers the best value for money? Woo Commerce : Woo Commerce offers great flexibility in terms of costs. We are open-source and free to install, the main costs come from hosting. Shopify : We have fixed pricing plans ranging from $29 to $299 per month. You can unlock more advanced features, such as professional reports, as you

Upgrade and other features

  There are additional costs such as themes  Sell ​​Artistic Crafts  apps are paid. Luigi : Interesting! And finally: why should a customer choose you? WooCommerce : They are the perfect solution for those who business lead want to start an e-commerce site without having to invest exorbitant amounts in specialist consultancy and software licenses. Furthermore, my popularity and large developer community ensure constant support. Shopify : I offer a “turnkey” web platform that allows you to 

Start an Internet

Sales store easily and safely. Furthermore, I offer 24/7 technical assistance. They are ideal for online stores that need a website with limited technical knowledge but still want to create a successful Phone Number IT store that can sell anywhere. Luigi : Thank you both for your answers. I hope this interview can help our readers make the right choice for their online business. Until next time!the vast universe of ecommerce, choosing the right platform

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