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Search engine optimization reaches out to customers

Search engine optimization, or SEO,is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach the public and is therefore one of the most important means of the reach phase. The value of SEO compared to, for example, advertising is based on the fact that a single investment yields continuous organic results, while in advertising, a single investment yields the same number of results as the price.

In the reach phase, the most important thing is to reach the buyer persona at the right stage of the purchase path.

SEO is also effective because when you search for something on Google, you already have a desire to find something. You may be looking for information about your problem. Or maybe you already know the solution and are trying to compare different products to find the right one. Or maybe you don’t even know you have a problem yet. Different search intentions indicate different levels of awareness .

Levels of awareness can be divided into 5 different segments 

  1. Totally ignorant : doesn’t recognize his problem or the resulting consequences
  2. Problem-aware : recognizes his problem, but does  Ghana Phone Number List not know how to solve it
  3. Outcome conscious : knows the outcome he wants, but not how to achieve it
  4. Product-aware : knows your product, but not who to buy it from
  5. Fully aware : knows your product and wants to buy it from you

The levels of awareness can also be divided according to the customer’s willingness to buy, from completely ignorant to completely aware and blazing hot.

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When they are looking for information or a solution

With search engine optimization, you always reach out to the customer at the right moment.

When you make your website content for each level of awareness of the customer, you can meet the need when your customer is looking for information. Without advertising and without direct costs.

There are only right moments in search engine optimization. The right moment is always when your potential customer opens a search engine and starts looking Phone Number IT for information. If you have already implemented SEO buying paths for your pages, you are always there when the customer is looking for a solution.

You can determine the most important moments yourself based on how you yourself have seen or determined that your target group works.

You can create content for the moments that are most important in terms of your purchase path and your priority list. When you are the brand that creates value for your potential customers from the beginning of the purchase path, you ensure that you are in their mind when the moment of purchase arrives.

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