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Outdoor advertising is very difficult to measure

In the Reach phase, Outdoor advertising we can also reach an audience that is not yet aware that the product or service you offer is the perfect answer to their needs. How many do they affect? Someone who saw the ad (impression) might head over to look at the products in a couple of days (click).

From a marketing point of view

there is no other data trace left from the customer path than sales that may have increased as a result of advertising. And that too may have been affected Czech Republic Phone Number List by some completely different phenomenon, that is, there is nothing concrete left to hand.

In terms of the continuous development of marketing, outdoor advertisements or generally unmeasured marketing are therefore definitely not optimal.

If you can’t see how reach affects sales, it’s very difficult to develop it. And when the top of the funnel doesn’t develop, it affects the entire bottom of the funnel. Reach lays the foundation for everything to come.

Phone Number List

The M of the MRACE® model, i.e. measurement, is important for successful digital marketing. It ensures that we get and can improve results right from the reach stage.

Everything in the MRACE® model is based on the ability Phone Number IT to influence directly where the development targets, problems and bottlenecks are through measurement.

Ways to reach the audience in the Reach phase: 

  • Display marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Brand building and visual design
  • Paid social media ( Facebook , Instagram , LinkedIn , TikTok …)
  • Organic social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok…)
  • TV and outdoor advertising (not reasonably measurable, and therefore not found in our services)

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