Creating a marketing strategy using the MVG model

With the help of the MVG model (Market-Value-Growth), you can create a marketing strategy for your company that is suitable for the competitive situation and at management team level.

The model is particularly suitable for companies that want to secure their growth for years to come, get rid of the campaign-like nature of marketing, and develop their business to better reflect customers’ digitized purchasing processes.

The strategy process according to the MVG model proceeds in three stages.

  1. Market = we must first know the current situation of the market and the changes taking place in it,
  2. Value = so that we can create a value for the selected target groups that the competitors are not capable of,
  3. Growth = because that’s the only way we can create a marketing strategy that fuels growth.

The key word in the third point is nourishing

I believe that you also want to reach a situation where your company’s marketing is implemented in such a way that it feeds itself and is not completely dependent on what you do in marketing on any give day. In this case, marketing has succeeded in strengthening the brand and acquiring the right kind of customer base as customers who naturally also  Senegal Phone Number List bring other similar customers with them.

Also, all the 7 elements of the marketing strategy are divided under the three stages just gone through in the following way:

  1. Competitor analysis (MARKET)
  2. Defining target groups and creating buyer personas (MARKET)
  3. Mapping technological opportunities (MARKET)
  4. Setting marketing goals (VALUE)
  5. Articulating the value proposition and determining competitive advantages (VALUE)
  6. Creating a content plan and channel strategy (GROWTH)
  7. Creating a measurement plan and setting KPI indicators (GROWTH)

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Seven points can seem like a lot in a hectic everyday life

However, it is important that you start somewhere. If you want to get start quickly, we recommend doing a competitor analysis, buyer personas, a value proposition and a  Phone Number IT content plan. With them, you can get the basic structure of the marketing strategy already assembled.

With the help of the MVG model, your company can create an executive level marketing strategy. The lowest level = Market, the middle level = Value, the highest level = Growth.

Next, I dive into these seven elements through three main themes (Market-Value-Growth). We have also covered each element in its own blog post, so you can delve into any element in even more detail through the following links.

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