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Many people excludes the professional activity of a specific person due to the inability to overcome its consequences. The event must be such that it prevents the insur person from working. Special circumstances” include not only force majeure events. But all types of situations that make a given person unattractive. On the labor market and outside the circle of interest of employers. Including those where the person is not fit to work in terms of health. Although not holds a decision on total, or only partial, incapacity for work.

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The meaning of Art. section uerfus, the mere fact of the phenomenon of unemployment cannot be recogniz. In practice, this would result in the obligation to grant the mention benefit – not as an exception – as stipulat in the Act and generally. Proceings in matters of granting benefits Benefits are grant by way of exception in administrative proceings, so the president of ZUS is be understood as an event or permanent condition. bound by all the rules of these proceings regarding the obligations relat to their conduct and adjudication. In turn, a person applying for a benefit under a special procure should show evidence initiative in the ongoing proceings and try to provide the authority with evidence to confirm special circumstances and active job search.

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Be identifying employers who refus to employ them [cf. judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court of January , , ref. no. file I OSK Evidence helpful in assessing the reasons justifying the existence of breaks in employment and their connection with the health Phone Number IT condition may certainly be employment certificates, which will include information on the work perform during employment and the method of terminating the employment relationship.

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