Inclusive marketing shakes up the stereotypes

Advertising imagery has diversified a lot in recent years, but still the same style of people are repeated in advertising images. In particular, the visual elements of the advertisement are used to create and/or reinforce mental images and attitudes.

The goal of inclusive marketing is to create marketing that people can recognize themselves in and identify with, regardless of gender, ethnic background, religion or sexual orientation, for example. Inclusive marketing takes into account different people and identities in its own audience.

Communicating the company’s values

And reaching important consumer groups for companies is possible with the help of inclusive marketing. Inclusive marketing benefits the business New Zealand Mobile Number List because consumers recognize themselves in the image of the company and feel that their needs are taken into account.

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Like responsible marketing in general, inclusive marketing also needs information to support it. Information about structures, history and cultures. In this way, you can make sure that your own good intentions in diversifying the image are transmitted Phone Number IT in the same way to all consumers of marketing. Are you aware of, for example, rainbow washing? I discuss it more in the chapter Check the claims – you’re not guilty of greenwashing, are you? .

Knowing the rules of marketing is part of responsibility 

Marketing involves a lot of rules, guidelines and laws. A responsible marketer not only knows the current regulations, but also follows them to the best of his ability. Here I will discuss a few current or otherwise important rules that should be familiar to a responsible marketer. I will return to the new Omnibus directive and the responsibility of measurement later in this blog.

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